Cotton Towels

5towelsflowerCanaria Tex is exporting towels, cotton terry gloves and other terry products across the world for use in homes, hotels, hospitals, salons, laundries and many other institutions. Different quality of towels in numerous colours, sizes and weight, are manufactured and shipped. Canaria towels are made by using top quality yarn, which gives superior softness, absorbency and durability. We manufacture a large range of towels woven on dobby and jacquard looms from desired yarns along with quality stitching for longevity of the towel confirming the best quality. Our towels and bathmats offer great value for money.

We work closely with importers in order to meet and exceed their expectations. Our towels are used in homes hotels, hospitals, laundries and various other institutions. Canaria Tex ensures high quality standards and timely shipments. Stringent quality checks are carried out before a towel is shipped. We have the experience along with technical and financial resources behind us to meet your requirements.

All sizes are possible as per client’s instruction various sizes and constructions are requested by clients from different countries around the world. We endeavour to fulfil our client’s requirement as per their specification and always ship the exact weight and sizes as per the contract. The weight of towels is determined by the GSM (grams per square metre). Our quality towels have a GSM of between 350 – 700gsm.

Face Towel (30x30cm)
Hand Towel (50x90cm)
Bath Towel (70x140cm or 70x130cm)
Bath Sheet (100x150cm)
Jumbo Bath Sheet (115x180cm)

We are also regularly shipping Gym towels, Salon Towels, Embroidered Towels, Beach Towels, Spa Towels and much more!




The fibres are tightly twisted, compacted together to create a tougher, smoother and finer yarn. Unlike low-twist cotton, ring spun cotton is constructed from a combination of long and short staple yarn. Ring spun towels offers the advantages of great comfort and a durable quality. These towels give you a softer feel and longer life. They are ideal for hotels wishing for a soft, but hard wearing towels of which they can be proud of. We use high quality cotton and fine yarn. We insist on impeccable finishing and we never forget the important minute details that make our products so special. Our work philosophy demands a role much more competent, dynamic and customized than merely being your representative office here.



These towels are made from the finest combed cotton, to produce an extremely soft and lasting towel. Manufactured from quality cotton that is combed to remove impurities and short fibres, leaving only the longest and strongest .Combing also aligns the fibres and adds softness to the yarn. Combed cotton towels also undergo a special process that makes the towel more absorbent and long lasting. They are ideal for luxury hotels and spas wishing to pamper their guests. We are a quality focused organisation, thus we never compromise with the quality of our products. We have an experienced quality control team that keeps a strict vigil on the production process.



A little luxury for everyday use, these towels are a little heavier than most on the market. With a beautiful deep pile, they are incredibly soft and super absorbent, and with stylish borders, they look elegant as well. Superbly fluffy and soft Egyptian Cotton Towels, with excellent absorbency and long lasting quality. Available in face, hand, bath and bath sheet sizes. Every project is unique for them, just like every business, and they strive to capture that individuality as they go along . Yarn quality is of paramount importance and will be visible once the product is completed. We keep daily / weekly / periodic records of the production status and furnish the reports to buyers as frequently as they desire. Bulk production samples are also made available upon buyers’ requests.