Bed Sheets


Canaria Tex can meet all your linen requirements. Our bed linen is used hotel, hospitals and various other institutions. Our bed linen combines the luxury, comfort and fineness of cotton with the easy care qualities. Cotton from our region is renowned for being the finest quality you can buy, as long as it is manufactured from the long staple fibres which allow the bedding to be soft and durable The thread count is an important factor (the number of threads used in the length and width of the material) It is understood that the higher the thread count the better the quality and higher than 200 thread count is classed as luxury bedding.

We regularly ship cotton and poly cotton bleached white bed sheets along with pillowcases in various construction and sizes. Our Cotton and Poly Cotton linen products are used as:
• Flat Sheets
• Fitted Sheets
• Canvas Sheets
• Duvet Covers
• Operation Theatre Drapes
• Counterpanes
• White, Dyed and Printed Bed Sheet Sets
• Laundry Bags