Importance of the Quality of Cotton Yarn

by / Friday, 10 January 2014 / Published in Latest posts, OUR BLOG

Quality of yarn is an important factor when it comes towel manufacturing. Towel manufacturers randomly check for weight and stick to the standard established by the company. Normally the yarn specifications are 16/s, 20/d,24d etc. and the yarn types include, open end, ring spun, combed, Egyptian cotton, etc.

During weaving the weavers and the quality inspectors monitor the towel for weaving imperfections. Slightly unevenly woven towels may be straightened out and touched up and the imperfect ones are completely rejected.

As in all aspects of the process, visual checks are a key to quality control and all those involved in the process understand minimum standards and monitor the product at all times.

In the process of bleach and dye vats are periodically checked for appropriate chemical constitution. Colour variation must be checked and kept under control, and it should be ensured, that whatever was required is produced before shipped out.

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