Hospital Bed Linen Supplier

Being in hospital is often a highly stressful experience. As a result, anything which can bring extra comfort to patients is extremely important. Often, it’s the little things which make a difference- such as good quality bed linen. After all, most patients spend a majority of their time in bed. If you want to make their experience as pleasant as possible, ensure the bed linen you use is soft, comforting and easy to clean.

If searching for a hospital bed linen supplier, head to Canaria Textile. We are proud to help numerous companies with all their bed linen needs.

All our linen provides the luxury, comfort and fineness of cottons, along with the easy-care qualities required for any hospital environment. Since hospital bed linen needs washing more than in any other place, you want linen which is both durable and long-lasting. When a patient is put in a bed the first thing they naturally expect is fresh, crisp bed linen.

We sell a variety of linen products, all of which can be ordered in bulk. This includes flat, fitted and canvas sheets, duvet covers, operation theatre drapes, counterpanes, white/dyed/printed bed sheets and laundry bags.

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